Speech Pathology Talks and Workshops 
     with Carol Baker  LCST; MSPA


Some feedback from "How to Help your Children learn to Read and Spell" workshops:

"Very clear, useful instruction - a great help for us when we are trying our best to help our child." 

"Really helpful and informative. And I really enjoyed it too!"

"It was great to have the slide contents in a handout so there was no anxiety about capturing the information."

"Very easy to understand - I appreciate the practical exercises and the handouts we can use."

"It was nice to get some direction - how to actually put the theory into practice"

"It was perfect for what I need as a parent - confirmation that I'm on the right track.  It has given me confidence that I'm helping, not hindering".

"Thank you so much Carol.  I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop.  I have been frustrated and feeling at a loss as to how to help my 6-year-old.  Thank you for giving me some tools to assist him with his reading."

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