Speech Pathology Talks and Workshops 
     with Carol Baker  LCST; MSPA


How to Help Young Children Develop their Speech,

Language and Communication Skills

A workshop for parents, carers and educators of children 0 - 6

What is normal speech development?  What is normal language development? What is not?  Does my child have a speech / language problem or not? What can I do to help my children develop their speech, language and communication skills?  

This workshop has been designed to answer these questions.  It can make a significant difference to a child's development when parents and carers are informed and know how to stimulate their children's speech, language and communication development from an early age.


This interactive workshop covers:

  • Overview of normal development of speech sounds 
  • Overview of language development from babies' first words to about 6 years old
  • Effective communication and how it works 
  • Developing good listening skills
  • Games, books, activities and songs
  • Questions and answers

To arrange a workshop at your preschool or community group

  phone Carol on 0405 658 593 

or email [email protected]