Speech Pathology Talks and Workshops 
     with Carol Baker  LCST; MSPA


How to Help Children Learn to Read and Spell

A half-day workshop

This evidence-based, practical workshop has been developed primarily for parents of children in years K, 1 and 2, and also for parents of older children with learning difficulties, including dyslexia. It is also for teachers, teachers' aides and other educators who want more information about explicit phonics instruction and how to put theory into practice.  

The workshop covers the following:

  • How to make it easier for children to learn
  • Evidence-based research findings on the importance of phonics for reading and spelling
  •  Practical strategies on how you can help teach your child the following early fundamental literacy skills:
    •   The speech sounds associated with the single letters of the alphabet (more than one sound per letter for some             letters)
    •    Useful concepts to help children write the letters of the alphabet neatly
    •    How to link writing the letters of the alphabet with phonic learning
    •     The speech sounds associated with letters that work together eg: sh, ee, ow
    •     How to break words into sounds (for spelling) and blend sounds into words (for reading)
  • What about sight words?
  • Working with longer words (words with more than 1 syllable)
  • Some spelling / reading rules
  • Working with spelling-list words
  • Tips to develop reading fluency
  • Tips to develop a rich vocabulary
  • Tips to develop reading comprehension

To inquire about having this workshop in your community

phone Carol on 0405 658 593 or email [email protected]